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  • Demographics, Population, and even Community Values. Search based on zip codes, radius around an area, or draw lines on a map.



    ph. (678) 592-4507

    Get new equipment for an affordable price. Different packages available depending on your price range.

  • Start up media package


    Website - Graphics - Logos - Phone App - Online Giving - Start up videos - Live Stream

    Other Recommended Graphics Resources:

    1. Visual Word Media (graphics, videos, products) 

    2. Radiant Printing (printing, portable signage, design, direct mail postcards.) - Jason Burns

  • Legal questions


    Website -

    Email -

    Phone - (727) 490-1782

    Setting up your church will bring a series of legal questions that will get you stuck. Let us help! Have a church attorney right from the start helping you walk through some of the difficuclt decisions.

    Another Legal Resource:

    Michael Johnson (Lakeland)

    Website -

    Email -

    Phone - (863) 688-0741

  • Accounting Questions

    Corey Baker (Cape coral)  

    ph. 239.458.0813.

    Need help with the initial set up of getting books established? Corey and his team have worked with numerous accounting programs and have a good ideas which ones work best, especially for start ups. They can also help get online giving established.  

  • TAX - CPA Questions



    Email -

    Phone - 417-848-0797

  • Website ideas

    Clover Sites - (This is a clover site.) Anyone can learn to use it. Edit from any computer. Don't wait on a service for changes. 1,000 for the template. 20$ a month to host.

    Know of another option? Email Steve and he will add it to the list.

  • Marketing Ideas

    Aaron Burke (Tampa)  

    Aaron and his team had a very successful launch. Find out what kind of ideas they used to get the word out about their church.

  • Mobile church set up

    Here are some recommended sources

    1. Church in a box

    2. Affordable Pipe and drape - email Vic Appel (Oasis - Bradenton) and tell him how much you need.

  • Church Planting Wives

    Lisa boyd (boca raton)  


    The Church Planting Wife by Christine Hoover / The Jesus Hearted Woman by Jodi Detrick / Conspiracy of Kindness by Steve Sjogren (good for wives and planters) / You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes by Lisa McKay  

    Websites / / Wednesdays are for Wives - Church Multiplication Network / / /

    Connection Groups- (You need to get admin approval.) / Connect Live groups- video chat (They have groups for specific areas of ministry including church planter's wife. I lead one.) 

  • Bylaws

    Steve Coad (Bradenton)  

    Recommended AG Bylaws

    Oasis Church (AG church)

    City Church (AG church)

    Want to know the different types church government models out there? Need someone to bounce questions or ideas off of? Happy to help! 

  • Southeastern University

    Building a launch team? You might be able to find some help at Southeastern. They are a huge resource with great potential.

    SEU Contacts: 

    Kayla Lund 863-667-5127

    Pam Crosby 863-667-5041

    Several options:

    1. Engage Ministry Fair (end of Aug) - Set up a booth for all the ministry students to determine what outside ministry to get involved with for their practicum (Best when commutable distance 2 hours or less)

    2. Summer Internship - Students are required to have 200 hours of volunteer summer internships. You might be one of them. 

    3. Compass - Email a summary of your ministry and the school will forward it to those involved in their ministry school program. If anyone is interested, they can arrange a time for you to come to the school and meet with them to discuss involvement.

    4. Graduating Students - See which students are graduating and looking for a place to get involved. You might find someone interested in helping your church plant.

  • background checks

    Recommended source:

    Protect My Ministry

  • in house mailers

    Terry Howell (Orlando)  

    Most affordable way to do in house mailers

  • Mass Emailing

    It is free and easy to use. Visit their website.

  • Payroll service

    Email Steve Coad to connect you to our ADP contact

    Direct Deposit. File all your business taxes. Very easy to use. 

  • Starting small groups

    Danny Tippit (Bradenton)  

    What are the different ways to start small groups? When is it a good time to start? Let us help!

  • counting offering

    Here are suggested forms to use when counting offering.


    Counting worksheet

  • suggested reading

    Hammer Church and Clergy Tax guide - Don't get in trouble with the law. This is written in a way anyone can understand. Quick easy answers to understanding legal questions about non for profit finances.

    Planting Missional Churches - by Ed Stetzer. This helps you think through the process of what is the purpose of your church plant? Is it a missional church?

    Launch - by Nelson Searcy. Planning on launching Large? This will help you think through the process of what all needs done and when it needs done by.

    The Multisite Church Revolution - (Multiple Authors) Going Multisite? This is a great book describing all the ways to do it that work best.