Faith Stories

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Why Another Church?

  • The national average of those who do not go to church is over 75%. In some cases, it is close to 90%. 
  • Even if every existing church experienced healthy and steady growth, when you look at population numbers, we would still not be able to keep up with population growth unless church planting was included in that effort. 
  • Any population is in trouble, when it stops producing babies. 
  • Imagine if the church you got saved in was never planted, because there was already one in the area? 
  • Healthy church plants do not need help for a long time. They just need a big shot in the arm up front. 
  • By starting a new church, we are creating another sending agent to help with the growing demand of missionaries. 
  • If 1 church can support 100 missionaries, how much more can 100 churches do. What would happen if instead of supporting 20 missionaries, a church supported 15 missionaries and 5 church plants? The capacity for 90 missionaries through the shared effort of 6 churches.